Tuesday, November 15, 2011


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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

hahaha !
nothing much to say ...
waaa...holiday sian ah !
so bored de
i rather go back to school to sleep in class and kena teacher scold !
haha... no la ..at least can have smt to do..
searching for jobs now...
just reject a toy shop ! 750...a month
12 hours a day
too little la .... who can work....no wonder no people wan go work there,
and always on vacancy ...
i think because the boss give the pay so low...
so low
but there is still a few jobs waiting for calls
praying while waiting lo
wish they can give me a higher pay la...
sacrifice sia ! work malaysia ==
haix nvm...
btw...don feels like going out at all

Thursday, November 4, 2010

next three years

i am planning to go poly...then graduate from poly...
if the GPA is enough to go for a degree. i will go...^^
but my parents income does'nt seeem quite well...
i think i will have to think of a plan to earn money $
A man should have his own business !
because i wan my parents and family to enjoy a better life !
''poor'' creates alot of problems !
where i should start from ?
go work !!! yaya !!! i think i should learn to drive car also !
then it will be conveniece for me to travel around
ALso i am on diet :)Fats make me run slow !
so i will do work out and exercise to slim down^^
yaya !!! good good @@
sleepy lozzzz
O-levels going to end soon.... i shld not plan my holiday
because the plan will never works
but one thing i will wan to do is to pick up music
nothing is too late !!!
hahaha...recently feels like being alone
i wan the feeling and thoughts that i does not have
alot of responsibility!!!
having responsibility is like so stress..
being a leader has to act like a role model, people will
pick on your disability...u know ! it is very stress!
As so i am trying to push away everything , is this th right way?
i like my life now ^^
My parents was encouraging me to return to harvest skudai teens
But i dislike the people there..!
i am not scare if u see this ! are u the one?
don feel guilty la ^^ u are not the only one ==

Saturday, October 23, 2010

O-levels is nearer and nearer..
perhaps when i closed my eyes...
the english paper is infront of me...
and i am totally blank out
life is short...
treat it like a experience...
while u smash your dreams,u grant excess to hell...
so..treasure your life...
next stage of my life...wat will it be?